Metal Polishing Department is the metal the arm of our decorative metal fabrication and finishing business. Our team of skilled metal polishers has experience in the polishing and processing of metals including mild and stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, a wide range of products. We carry out metal finishing on jobs of all sizes and all levels of urgency. If you’re based in KSA and need metal polishing services, contact us immediately.




Our comprehensive stainless steel polishing service includes scratch removal and re-graining. With such a long history of providing metal polishing services, we are of course expert brass polishers and bronze polishers and are fully versed in the subtle differences required to handle and process these very different metals to carefully remove signs of damage and age and restore them to their maximum visual potential.


Brass polishing requires a gentle approach because brass is a soft metal alloy. Depending on the type of manufacturing process used to create a piece, the alloy will be made from different ratios of elements. Our experience of brass polishing guides us to know what process was most likely used.

Coupling this knowledge with any further information that can be provided about the age of an item leads us to accurate conclusions about the physical properties, what type of brass we are handling and therefore how best to approach the polishing and what finishes are most appropriate.

As your metal polishers and finishers, we will work with you to establish exactly the finish you expect us to achieve. Where necessary we can use a combination of polishing and antiquing to achieve exactly the right look.


On all the metals we process and polish we can achieve a variety of polished finishes including:

  • Dull polish (Matt)
  • Satin polish (Brushed, hairline )
  • Bright polish
  • full mirror polish (mirror )

 If you need more advice to understand the differences between these finishes, please contact us.

These finishes can be achieved on small intricate component parts, large raw materials such as sheets, rods, tubes, and other profiles and larger architectural either new or as part of restoration projects. Features such as handrails large sculpture, shop fronts reception areas, columns, and balustrades can all be restored, polished and finished on site.



If you need advice on how best to approach your project, whether it is as small as a door handle or as large as a department store, contact our friendly and helpful sales team to make the first step towards achieving the beautiful metal finish you require.

As the Metal polishing department is part of our complete metalwork services, metal finishing is just one aspect of the metalwork services we provide. We can manufacture your metal products and then polish them ourselves, all in the same place to keep your costs down. We understand that metal polishing or the fitting of polished metal products can often represent the final touches being fitted after the decorators have left. We understand that your metalwork may be required at short notice and our dedicated team of metal polishers are skilled, experienced and willing to put in the extra hours to take on ‘emergency’ polishing work to meet your deadlines.

Samples polishing

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