What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is the depositing of one metal onto another base metal. by passing a positively charged electrical current through a solution containing dissolved metal ions (anode) and a negatively charged electrical current through your part to be plated (cathode), To get properties required metal to be painted for decorative or industrial designs. 

So that the coated surface gets the specifications of the new metal color, texture, luster, and resistance to weather and corrosion, and one of the most important features of electroplating metals is to give elegant touches to products and decorations plated in luxury metal colors such as gold, silver, and copper on the decorations and works.

We at Royal Decoration we use electroplating in our products where we have more than 400 distinctive and unique colors on top of which plating by gold 24K, silver, bronze, brass, red, chrome, nickel, and antique types and other metals of distinctive colors, which gives our products luxury and, sophisticate.



Samples Electroplating

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